I’ve struggled for quite some time to find a business name for my company. I’ve even had a hard time describing to others exactly what I do! Am I a Marketing Consultant? Sure! Am I an Accountability Coach? Absolutely. Am I a keen Digital Strategist looking for ways to breakthrough the noise on a strict budget? Why yes, it’s my biggest strength. I’ve worked with mid-size firms making millions to small businesses just looking to break even for the month. No matter where a company is in their evolution, it brings me no greater joy than to watch companies start to destroy the imaginary boundaries that were holding them back and start making progress.

Urban Dictionary Definition of Duct tape and Bubble gumUrban Dictionary Definition of Duct tape and Bubble gum
Bubblegum and Duct Tape was a name chosen based upon an Urban Dictionary definition. According to one user who piped in back in 2009, it’s defined as ” A highly precarious patching / rigging of any item or situation with improvised materials or ideas to get through or beyond an obstacle.” I love a good silly saying or slogan and I think it fits perfectly with what I do.

I’ve been blessed to work with several clients with enormous advertising budgets. Spending thousands each month on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest and more let me dive deep into the ROI (return on investment). Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed. Throwing money at advertising didn’t seem to pan out as a wise business decision. However, I also have had the serendipity to work with clients who didn’t have a lot of ad spend, but were heavily engaged in the success and therefore the digital content creation for their business. Numbers don’t lie and the small fish seemed to be making bigger waves over time (granted they were showing up consistently). Hence, a strong correlation has been made. My coaching and strategy is best suited to for the “engaged creative.” That belief makes the assumption that everyone, I mean everyone, is a creative soul. They just forgot somewhere along the line.

Now, I’m not saying shut down your advertising campaigns. I know many a company that does really well with them and I engage my clients in those strategies when they are ready. However, if you aren’t creating engaging, powerful, vulnerable, heart-wrenching, funny, pull- on-your-heartstrings content on the daily, ad spend doesn’t bring you very far. It isn’t rocket science! I haven’t figured out some secret code, I’m sure this information that you already know. However, what investment are you willing to put into your business? We’re talking about time here, not money.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen is when companies hire me to be a part-time consultant and expect full-time results. If I’m putting more effort and energy into your business expansion than you are, well unfortunately the writing is on the wall. We’re going to end up in a place a few months down the line where we both feel frustrated. I’ve had many a vocation in my lifetime, but this is a profession that I’ve actively chosen as a career. I do this because I care and because I want to see you succeed. I love a good transformation. Think of it as a makeover, this time for your business and your digital footprint.

Bubblegum and Duct Tape is a marketing coaching and consulting firm for the maverick, the stealth detective, the passionate soul, the curious and the courageous. I chose a name that attracts clientele who are willing to get down in the trenches with me, or at least hire staff to jump on in. Devoted effort and gumption is truly our greatest asset. By taking the time in the very beginning to get to know your audience, nurture them and your relationships, and by developing your brand’s true identity you can create engaging dialogues that hopefully last a lifetime.

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I also chose the name because it’s silly, memorable and fun. Could I have chosen Jacqueline Stone Consulting? Or Boulder Marketing Coaching? Yes and yes. But would it have made you laugh or at least smile? Probably not. It would of been just one more company out there vying for your attention, trying to sell you something. Bubblegum and Duct Tape is about something larger than us both, hence the reason it works. It’s about getting back to our roots, our authentic self and having fun breaking all the rules. Hope you’ll consider joining our wacky little tribe, but only if you’re ready and willing to do the work.