When you start to put together a strategic digital marketing plan how do you approach time management? Perhaps it’s something you haven’t contemplated at all. However, did you know it’s the key to success? The first two exercises I bring my clients through: 1) understanding your numbers and 2) time management. I jump into numbers quite a bit as analytics are at the heart and soul of marketing strategy. However, time management is equally important, and unfortunately often overlooked.

The greatest example I can give is Little Bridget Jewelry. When I first met Karen Boelts, the company’s owner and lead designer, it was a bit of a mystery why her growth was stagnant. She had an excellent product line, understood her competition and target market, was extremely savvy in the ways of marketing. At first a riddle, it became clear that Karen’s weakest link was her management of time. Each day was pure unorganized chaos as she tried to keep every ball of business management in the air: designing, manufacturing, photography, accounting, customer service, inventory, order fulfillment, etc. No wonder she felt scattered and unproductive! She was trying to tackle too much at once.

Can you relate? Each and every one of these things is your responsibility as a business owner. However there are only so many hours in the day and often, only one of you. What’s the answer? Getting clear about time management. This simple exercise helps you look at your structure, processes and necessary support staff to build and scale your business.

While to many it seems silly at first, this document will be the tool that helps you become an effective leader and magnificent multitasker.

I’ve put together a tiny free online course to help you understand why this tool is a fundamental of successful marketing. And why carving out time for fun and creativity is at the center of it all.