Interestingly enough I started this month with the intention of “Letting Go.” October is a time when the leaves are changing and the wise trees remind us that letting go is often an act of grace. I don’t know about you but I love to try to control situations or circumstances and I can be a bit of a perfectionist. This has it uses as I’m excellent at project management and because I’m so detailed-orientated minute details don’t fall through the cracks. However, when do my greatest assets become my biggest weaknesses? Analytics and sales goals become the focus of an entrepreneurial life, however, isn’t it just as important to give weight to the psychological journey as well?

Recently I started a branding mastermind with Chiraya Dharma. It’s been equally challenging and rewarding. Before diving in and defining your brand, Chiraya challenges you to look at your goals, desires and belief system. What beliefs are holding you back? It was so fascinating to uncover what I’d been telling myself.

Some of my self-limiting beliefs: you must work extremely hard to make money,accounting is hard, delegating is impossible. Pretty rough on myself right? By getting honest in this Mastermind and breaking these beliefs apart I’m watching my business soar. Letting go of old noise that no longer serves you (or perhaps never did) is what I’m all about this month.

One of my clients is struggling with fears around money. I suggested she try this tapping video by Gala Darling. She gave it a go and remarkably she’s moved mountains this week. She received some incredible press coverage and became extremely clear on her marketing initiatives. She’s starting to attack her marketing plan with an enthusiasm I’ve never seen before!

Another client is fearful about hiring a marketing assistant to help him with his social media efforts. I admitted that I’m fearful about “being a boss” as well with my own team and we can learn together. I sent him an article on delegating and I’m curious to see what transpires for both of us. I’m already seeing a renewed effort on his social media channels with his current team. I wonder what will happen with the additional support!

What self-limiting beliefs are you carrying around? What no longer serves you and your purpose? We are often so hard on ourselves. We put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. I ask you to join me this month as I explore the emotional side of doing business. What if we let all those expectations go? What if we gave ourselves a chance to fall back in love with what we do?

Perhaps you’re scoffing and don’t see the value add here. Well, that’s ok. Perhaps another company is better suited for your needs. I’m in the business of fun, joy, happiness and compassion. The more I offer emotional support to my clients and let them know, “hey, it’s ok to be human” the more I watch them thrive…and in turn increase their bottom line.