I don’t know about you, but Sundays are my favorite day of the week but also the one I can dread. It’s a day when you really aren’t expected to do much, except bask in the glow of self care, good food, deepened connections and relaxation. However, my Capricorn brain doesn’t necessarily shut off over the weekend and Sunday has me starting to ruminate about the week ahead.

Good thing I’ve been working hard on boundaries. Healthy emotional boundaries with others are essential, especially if you are going to get into coaching and consulting. But sometimes I struggle with setting emotional boundaries with myself. I can get into a loop of thought (obsessive thinking) and create unnecessary worry. Now when I find myself stressing I’ve learned to put it in a container. If I want to freak out about the week ahead and the massive ‘To Do’ list, I can pause and remember I’ll tackle that in my Sunday Night Rituals.

What are my Sunday Night Rituals? Well, it’s simply a time I make for myself to sit quietly in my office. I look at my calendar. I see what days I’ll be in the home office, what days I’ll be in the office downtown. I map out the goals I have for each and every one of my clients (their goals as well as mine). I revisit my ‘To Do’ list and prioritize. I also make realistic expectations. What can get done this week in the amount of time available? What needs to be put on hold?

I also take time to get my head right. Running your own business definitely has it challenges and at times it can feel overwhelming. I make time for gratitude. I write a list of everything that happened over the past week and I give thanks for all the abundance in my life. I can replace that feeling of overwhelm with a sense of busyness that comes with running a successful company. I also make a list of goals for the week ahead. What would be some huge wins?

While technology moves a mile-a-minute and the digital atmosphere is my favorite hang, I’m very tactile. I like to write all of these things down in a weekly planner. Two of my favorites are the Clever Fox Planner and the Panda Planner. They work gratitude into each any every day.

I also draw a card for the week as tarot helps me feel connected to something larger. This week I happened to pull the Seven of Cups which reminds me that self-deception of some kind still lingers. I’m still holding onto old beliefs that no longer serve me. Perhaps one of them is that Sunday’s need to be filled with dread! Sundays can be a time simply of reflection and manifestation.

By taking Chiraya Dharma’s online course – Manifest Your Brand – Anchor the Dream of Your Business, I’m learning more about visualization. She is helping me get clear about my deepest desires for Bubblegum and Duct Tape and helping those dreams become a reality. Part of the work is taking time for quiet reflection. Imagining that what you want is already happening. Seems simple, but definitely takes practice.

Sunday Night Rituals might not be for everyone, but they definitely help quiet my mind and actually help me reset my stress and channel that into excitement. Do you have any Sunday night practices? How do you approach the week ahead? And I’m thinking of giving this practice a name? What should we call it? Something that uses bubblegum and duct tape I’m sure! Blowing Up Beliefs? Masterfully Crafting the Week Ahead? Magic Manifestation Mantras? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead. No matter how you choose to approach it.