When I first heard the term “social distancing” I actually got excited. A mandate to stay away from large crowds? This was an introvert’s dream come true! Fast forward ten days later and the mystique has quickly worn off. I {gulp} actually miss hanging with people in real time. If I’m feeling this way I can only imagine how you extroverts are holding up. I think what is the hardest is the uncertainty. Will this only last a few more weeks? Will it be months?

I was on the phone with a client this morning and she brought up an excellent point. Before the word Coronavirus was ever mentioned we were in peril over another dilemma: lack of time. We were all complaining about running around like crazy and not be able to connect with friends and family. Now that we’re here the underlying problem becomes incredibly apparent: we’ve been social distancing for a while now. Work, school, errands, playing with our smart phone, video games, TV….we’ve been distancing ourselves from others and more importantly to note, we’ve been distancing from self.

We have absolutely no control over the current state of affairs, but we do have control over one thing: our attitude. We can use this time to connect deeper with what really matters. Let’s let loved ones know how much we care. Start writing love letters and putting them in the mail. Cook delicious stews and casseroles that take hours in the oven. Go on nature walks. Get to know ourselves again.

Another thing we need now more than ever is community. As a digital marketing consultant my clientele are all small businesses, many with brick and mortar shops. While we all learn to navigate this new digital landscape we can find inventive ways to build friendships online and cheer each other on. Small businesses need your love and support in a real way. In that effort I’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the Social Distance Survival Guide! I hope you enjoy it and it reminds you to slow down, enjoy the moment and express gratitude for all the joy that still remains, now and forever.

Take A Bath
I’m so obsessed with Magic Fairy Candles that I actually stalked her (well not quite THAT aggressive) until she became a client. Not joking that a portion of my monthly retainer is given in product. Kim Sorden, the shop’s proprietor and all-around wizard, mixes her extensive knowledge of old-world herbology with modern aesthetics and charm. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything on her site, but right now she is offering us 25% off on her thieves collection use code Bubblegum25. Story goes that four thieves start stealing from homes when the plague hit. When they came before the judge he was intrigued at how they remained so healthy in the midst of such an epidemic. He traded their lives for the secret of this potent formula that is said to keep the immune system healthy and happy when all hell breaks loose.

Start a Project
Artist first, digital marketer second, I always have an arts and crafts project going on. For those of you who haven’t jumped feet first into these meditative and creative practices, now is the time. Right now at Nomad Bead Merchants all in person classes are cancelled. As they move all their workshops online they have started putting together the most delightful beading kits. I’m obsessed with these Mala Necklace Kits! They are giving a whopping 25% off the entire site to encourage all of you to connect with your crafty side. Use code Bubblegum25.

Stock-up on the Good Stuff
Everyone’s stocking up on toilet paper which I honestly find hysterical. The Doomsday Preppers are smirking. While it is a good idea to load the home up with things you’ll need if a shelter-in-place is mandated, don’t forget to line the cupboards with delicious and healthy snacks your kids will enjoy. Each serving of Farm&Oven mini muffins contains over a 1/2 cup of veggies which is essentially undetectable. A great way to sneak nutrition into everyone in your family…them none the wiser. Enjoy 20% off all 20 and 30 packs with code Bubblegum20.

Become Masterful
What is a Mastermind? An opportunity to brainstorm problems with your peers, find solutions and create forward momentum. When I was at a crossroads with my business I felt lost, even a little afraid. The opportunity to take Kiana Prema’s Soul Aligned Mastermind fell into my lap and the timing was divine. Perhaps it’s the same for you right now. The lessons I learned during this six month intensive completely shifted my mindset and changed my trajectory. I’m so grateful for the experience and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Her next session kicks off soon. Enjoy a generous 10% off with code Bubblegum10.

Go Deeper
Reconnect with your spiritual side and get in touch with nature. From the moment I met Karla Refoxo of Tulku Jewels I knew she was a soul sister. Her work is absolutely exquisite. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Nepal using manufacturing techniques that will one day be extinct (such as respousse). Not only am I blown away from by the craftsmanship, but by the purpose behind each piece. Karla has taken centuries old symbolism and meaning and brought them to life again in her meaningful designs. She is giving us all a huge gift of 35% off her site using the code BubblegumTulku.

Develop a Skill
Will every challenge in life I always find there is a silver lining. I’ve seen people unite in support and commodity like never before. I want to be part of the solution. This is why my team and I are working diligently behind the scenes to put together a series of free workshops with tons of helpful digital marketing tips to help everyone transition online a little easier. First up? Email marketing. Please join us on Tuesday, March 31 at 11am MST.

Are you a small business that would like to be added to our list? Please email us at hello@bubblegumandducttape.com