As mindfulness becomes mainstream you’ve probably heard about living an intentional life, but what about creating an intentional business? Part of incorporating the art of mindfulness into my life includes Daily Pages, morning meditations, affirmations and tarot card readings. While I never thought to pull these daily practices into my work-life, now I’m changing my tune.

When I first sit down with each client I start to go over their dreams and goals. Where do you want to be in five years? What would make the year ahead a smashing success? It’s always a great exercise to contemplate your business’ bright future. We then start to break down those annual sales goals monthly. Some businesses (such as retail) have cyclical bumps in cash flow, for example around the holidays, but many don’t experience this profound ebb and flow. We simply divide the yearly goal over 12 months. It’s then helpful to break it down by week and sometimes even daily. Now that you have the numbers on lock, how will you get there? Well without even realizing it, I was applying some of my conscientiousness to the way in which a strategic marketing plan is built.

For each month of the year I have my clients set an intention. At first puzzled, they start to enjoy ways in which they’ll move and shape their work flow and energy. For example, let’s choose abundance for the month of July. Abundance and prosperity is one of the main reasons many of us ventured out on my our own so it’s a great place to start. The key is figuring out how the intention you set relates to your industry. For fun, let’s say you own an ice cream truck (my favorite flavor happens to be mint chip). Abundance takes on a whole new meaning when your currency is in children’s giggles, messy hands, parent’s joy and neighborhood camaraderie.

Now that you have some idea about the meaning of your intention for yourself, and more importantly your audience, you can start to build out a marketing calendar for the month that lays it’s foundation on integrity and authenticity. You started that ice cream truck for a reason. No doubt paying your bills and churning a profit is the ultimate goal, but what is more priceless than a child’s gleeful shouts to friends that you have arrived! First put a calendar around your monthly blog posts and emails. Abundance has so many ways to be expressed in your communications, especially when you are adding value to your customers’ inbox. You are an ice cream expert after all and have so many great things to share. You could write a blog about your favorite neighborhood to visit and some community outreach they’ve been conducting. You could share tips on how to keep kids cool and happy during the hottest summer months (wild guess, but I’m thinking ice cream might be on that list). You could even talk about abundance as true currency! What thoughts do you have on parents empowering their children to use their allowance on their treats? What is a normal allowance these days? The list goes on…

Once you have set your blogs and email correspondence schedule in stone you can then build out your social media calendar to support it. What visuals do are evoked with each piece of content? A children crying in the hot sun next to a happy child licking a Popsicle? A parent placing a few dollar bills in a child’s hand? A chore chart to back-up your discussion on allowances? The possibilities are endless.

These days I like to practice what I preach. Powerful lessons are taught and learned by example. I’m starting to employ these useful tools for my own business. What is my intention in July? Interestingly enough it revolves around deepening spiritual practices and being open to adventure. It can sometimes be associated with a spirited child. How did I choose this topic? Well, I’d like to say that it chose me. I absolutely love studying tarot in my free time so I decided to pull a card for my intention this month. I picked up the Page of Wands. Wands represent the element of fire and are associated with creativity, passion, spirituality and enterprise. Very fitting I’d say!

I hope that you consider trying out this practice for your own marketing efforts. Please tell me how it goes! In the meantime, wishing you a very happy, productive and of course, abundant, July.