Fun fact: only a few months ago I was having trouble finding direction and purpose with my business. It’s not uncommon in the world of entrepreneurship to find many passionate souls on the brink of burnout or second guessing. I know I wasn’t alone in this struggle. When the opportunity to join a small Mastermind group came my way, I jumped in with a heavy, yet hopeful heart. Would I continue to work in digital marketing? Was another path more appropriate for me? I was open to change if it meant a more fulfilling future.

During the six weeks I had the opportunity to interact with these brilliant and innovative souls, I was able to exchange incredibly valuable information. Insights that completely shifted my trajectory and shifted the way I looked at my job.

It turns out I was on the right path, I just needed to create more boundaries with expectations and more importantly, re-define my target market. With the help of Chiraya Dharma, I was able to more thoroughly go through a practice that I often encourage my clients to do: create a target market avatar. She and I approached this exercise very similarly, but the biggest piece I took away from her was defining my client attributes. What type of moral code does my ideal customer possess? I had never thought of this before.

She then phrased it a bit differently. “Who do you want to interact with everyday? What are they like? How do they treat you? How do they show up in the world?” I enjoyed contemplating their core characteristics. I determined I wanted my clients to be kind, thoughtful, generous, silly, and passionate. I wanted to make sure that they had a vested interest in their marketing plan and more importantly were engaged with the implementation. And most importantly, I wanted each day to feel fun and productive.

Through this process I came up with my tagline: Playful Marketing for the Engaged Creative. I wanted to attract people who work hard, but truly enjoy the process and make room for laughter in each exchange. It’s been truly remarkable watching what’s unfolded. In the three short months since I re-defined my target market and created my marketing avatar, I’ve secured a bevy of new and fascinating clients.

Creativity is defined as expressing originality of thought or action. I think this can be applied to every small business owner on the planet. We are on a path that isn’t necessarily traditional or well defined. We are finding creative solutions to everyday problems. We don’t get detoured by roadblocks and instead welcome challenges for personal and professional development. I believe that everyone is creative, especially entrepreneurs and I wanted my company to be a place where this strength is nourished and celebrated.

How about you? Who do YOU want to work with everyday? Have you defined your marketing avatar? It’s an essential ingredient in not only refining your marketing strategy, but in my case, redefining your purpose and bringing an immense amount of joy to your workday.