You read that right. While some lead by example, apparently I learn and then teach as I go. In my previous blog, I talked about setting an intention for each month and building out your marketing calendar this way. Well, sad to say it’s August 26 and I don’t have much work to speak of this month. True, I took a 10 day much needed vacation and excursion across the western United States, but overall I’m giving myself an ‘D’ at execution. It’s important to practice what I preach.

As I’ve discovered and how I’ve built my company, is that there is strength in humility. Admitting you’ve made a mistake (or perhaps didn’t do as well as you would of liked) is the first step towards much greater things. While I can let perfectionism in the way of taking action, I have to admit that a perfect world would be ridiculously boring. How would anyone learn anything? It’s by falling and picking ourselves up again that we learn and grow.

In that spirit, I decided to pull a tarot card for this last week in August. I pulled the Three of Pentacles. According to this deck, The Aquarian Tarot, it’s the card of mastery, such as of a skill. It’s also the card of nobility, renown, and glory. Interesting pull as I recognize my misgivings. Perhaps there is something noble in letting your audience see you just as you are, mistakes and all. I think there is also something masterful in allowing your process to be messy. Sometimes it’s full speed ahead, but often it’s a bit more chaotic and all over the place for a busy business owner.

The important lesson here? Not to dwell on our mistakes and to jump back into action. I can’t tell you how many clients I have who deviate from their marketing plan as other business responsibilities pull them away. I’m not alone. Success comes when we give ourselves a break and pick up, right where we left off.

Wishing you all a fun and masterful last week in August!