There are so many challenges a new business owner must face on a daily basis. This ride has gotten even more interesting in the light of a global pandemic. While some businesses are forced to fold, we’ve been lucky enough to continue trudging the happy journey of creativity and fun. This is in part due to our loyal clients, which feel like family. This also has much to do with the never ending enthusiasm of our creative Art Director, Lindsay Geitz. Lindsay joined the Bubblegum team in October of last year and brought fresh new energy to the work with her incredible talent and positive attitude. No problem is too large or too small. She attacks creative briefs with gusto and passion, leaving our clients delighted and encouraged. I have so much gratitude that this young ingenue entered our world. Not only did help this “cobbler with no shoes” develop a cohesive brand, but she makes each day interesting and enjoyable. Fun is at the heart of what we do and Lindsay embraces this credo with fervor.

Have you always loved design and art? When did your journey into this arena begin?

Yes I’ve always loved art! My Mom said I was always coloring, scrapbooking, and painting “ with my little left hand”. I’m a lefty and she still says that to this day when I share my design projects with her.

I really found myself loving graphic design in my senior year of high school when my art teacher, Mrs. Yagid, opened my eyes to design being a career. My art teacher and my parents showed me the importance of pursuing my passions. I am lucky to say that I wouldn’t change a thing about my life path.

Where did you study graphic design? What was your favorite class? Why?

I studied design at the University of Rhode Island and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art and a Business Minor from the honors college.

I’m not sure I have a favorite class, but I definitely appreciated the access to a large studio space. We didn’t have to be afraid of making a mess and letting our creative minds run free! I love working digitally, but surprisingly my favorite place was the painting studio. It was so wonderful to blend my own colors for hours and paint on a physical canvas. At the time, I worked at Michaels in the framing department and my mom wanted to frame every piece (seriously every piece) that I created in my painting class. She has three of my pieces hanging in our family’s house and I have one in my apartment today!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the opportunities to learn about new brands and meet wonderful people all over the U.S. because I have the ability to work remotely!

I also love surprising clients with a design that they say they never could have imagined themselves when it seems to come so naturally to me.


What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

One of the biggest challenges for me has been working with clients that struggle with their vision for a final product, which results in endless rounds of edits. 

This was a learning experience on how to protect myself and my time as a creative. I see it as a positive thing!

What has been your favorite project to date? Why?

My senior seminar project named “Colors Across Culture”

We were given the opportunity to create our own project brief and then our art was hung in a local gallery for a month. The best part is that my piece was displayed next to my best friends’ projects too! I loved creating a meaningful piece of art and a finished piece that was gallery ready.

This was my abstract for the project:

Cultures assign different meanings to colors due to religious influence and social beliefs. These associations have remained over time and are intertwined into our daily lives. Color associations have even found their way into global marketing campaigns in order to evoke specific reactions from consumers to a brand.

The research aspect of this project unveils the boundaries between cultures through the effect that color has on individuals. Associations with pigments differ across cultures around the world and this has led to contrasting meanings of color relating to different words, symbols, and emotions. This results in different interpretations due to cultural and religious affiliations. 

If you weren’t an Art Director what type of career do you think you’d have at this time?

I think that I would be an art teacher as I always loved working with kids. It would be incredible to help other young people discover their passion for art the same way that I did. 

I see that as a possible plan later in life as a way to step out from behind my computer screen!

Who is someone in your field that you respect and admire? Why?

A few years ago I discovered EttaVee on Instagram. I love how colorful, lively, and happy all of her paintings are!

She took the leap to be a full time artist, pursued her dream, and now she is an incredibly successful female painter with licensing deals coming in right and left! Her paintings are on everything from planners, greeting cards, clothing, shoes, drinkware, and more! Check out her Instagram, definitely worth the follow.

Could you describe your design process? What inspires your work?

After receiving a creative brief, I usually take a few days to let the project sink in. If inspiration doesn’t strike after that, I head back to my trusty pen and paper to sketch until something “clicks”. 

I’ve also been lucky to work with brands that I have always been excited about, so inspiration usually comes quickly.

Do you prefer a detailed creative brief or one with looser parameters?

I prefer a detailed creative brief and I like to tell clients that “the more information, the better!” 

Open dialogue is important and I encourage my clients to text or email inspiring images that they come across throughout the entire design process. 

Tell us about Lilly and her Instagram!

Lilly is my dachshund! She has endless amounts of energy, kisses, and love to give! Her favorite activities include playing ball for hours in our Boston apartment, going on long walks to then be carried home because her short legs can’t keep up, and cuddling her humans to make sure she is close when it’s food time.

In my last semester of college we were told to create a presentation on one of our biggest passions, so I created mine about dachshunds. Not kidding! 

Her Instagram account began before she became part of our family. I have an obsession with the breed! Now I love the idea that posting a silly picture of her could make a stranger’s day, just like the 30+ dachshund accounts that I still follow did for me!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love my adult coloring books! There are always a few on my coffee table with my art markers. My day is better when I find time to color, even if it is just for 10 minutes. It’s so important to get back in touch with creating something with my hands because I am on the computer 40+ hours a week.


What is your favorite art exhibition or art piece you’ve in the digital space lately?

I recently wanted to visit “Love is Calling” by Yayoi Kusama at the Institute of Contemporary art in Boston.  I hope I get to go with my best friend who also loves art and graphic design.

What is your favorite part about working at Bubblegum and Duct Tape? Your least favorite part?  

First, I love that creativity and having fun are not optional (in the best way!) I also have never felt so valued as an employee and a designer in my entire life. 

Least favorite… hmm that’s a tough one! I have to say, I’m just excited for more work and awesome clients to come in.