People often ask me how I find clients. Often it’s through referral, sometimes they find me through search, maybe they saw one of my columns in National Jeweler. How Kim Sorden of Magic Fairy Candles became a client is a whole different story. I banged down this woman’s door until she’d take a meeting with me. Obsessed with her products, I knew she had a really important story to tell. I wanted to help her brand flourish. With only a few slight tweaks on my end, I’ve watched this magical wizard pivot and strategize throughout this turbulent time. In a few short months I’ve watched her launch her own wholesale site (when her old platform no longer supported CBD products), refurbish and relaunch her storefront and roll out two entirely new product lines. Seriously though: Does she ever sleep? It’s been an absolute joy working with Kim. It’s only fitting that I’ve decided to throw her into the spotlight this month.


Magic Fairy Candles started as hand-poured candles that featured a fairy in each votive. Could you let us know how what it’s evolved into today?

Interesting enough the fairies have departed, but quality and love remains the same. My team and I hand-pour each candle, right here in our studio in Longmont, Colorado. Instead of a fairy we now include a crystal in each votive. Charged by a full moon, the crystal helps support the intention of each candle burned. These intentions range from ‘Self-Love’ to ‘Prosperity’ and everything in between.

Magic Fairy Candles - Self-Love Class

If someone is completely new to metaphysical principles or magic, where is the best place for them to start?

Start with self-love. At their core, magic or invocations are a powerful methodology of healing. Long misunderstood, candle magic is simply a way to release blocks, call in positive energy and offer an intimate relationship with self.

My other advice is to go where it’s warm. I love opening our doors to anyone who is curious about ritual or metaphysical practices. If you walk into a shop devoted to any type of witchcraft and aren’t greeted with a smile, perhaps it’s not the right place for you. Those of us who are true healers love to teach others how to apply these principles and will invite you in with open arms.

I absolutely love your blog on Heal, Release, Activate. Could you briefly expand on what this means to you and why it’s essential?

At the core of anyone’s trauma is a broken relationship between your adult self and your inner child. This has been understood by mystics for centuries and now has finally become a part of popular culture. Healing your inner child will change everything. This will allow you to release your human stories and a lot of false beliefs you’ve received since childhood. Some examples: “You’re too old to do that.” “No one could ever make that happen!” “Don’t be silly, that’s not possible.” ANYTHING, absolutely anything is achievable in this infinite universe. It’s important to release and then activate your light (a.k.a. ‘super powers’).

Your newly refurbished storefront now features a community space. Could you tell me what prompted this choice? What will you be featuring in this area of the store?

I received clear messages from Source about my part in helping people heal. This included a space where people can feel loved and supported on their journey. Our space has tools for your magical path and the ingredients for a ceremonial life!

Your new store features your new product line, but seems to carry some other incredible goods from local artists. I also see things such as gemstones, bones and potions. Could you tell us about some of these items? 

We carry ingredients, maps and tools that can guide you to a deeper understanding of SELF. Everything starts with you, you have the power inside of you.

We have hundreds of tools in stock. Some of these items include potions, spell rattles, fetishes, incense, bells and books. Our staff always takes the time to explain how each of these items can be used in your practices and help you continue to rise in light and love.

What is your current favorite Magic Fairy Candles product? Why? 

That is like asking me to choose a favorite child! I truly don’t have one!

I’m always creating new things. The creative portion of my job is my passion. Recently we launched a tarot candle line dedicated to the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck. Each candle comes with a small meditation to help you call forth the card’s intention. We also recently rolled out our monthly ritual boxes. It’s been so much fun putting these together! I find it’s a wonderful way for anyone new to these types of practices to get started. It includes all the tools you need for the celebration at hand and a booklet, jam packed with information and insights.

How do you want people to feel when they interact with you and your brand?

I want people to feel loved, I want people to feel love for themselves. I want this to raise the vibration and change the world. Love always wins.

Kim and her beautiful products can be found here. Wholesale inquiries welcomed.