I don’t know about you, but this artistic soul is an extreme procrastinator. Left without a deadline I can keep putting things off for months. It’s never done intentionally! Like most creatives I’m easily captivated by beauty, even when that shows up online. I can log on to my computer with the best intentions and get sidetracked immediately by a friend’s baby pictures, yummy recipe suggestion or watercolor set that I want to purchase. We live in a world of constant stimulation where new ideas pop up, sometimes quite literally, all day long. How to stay on track?

While having a monthly marketing schedule is key (I happen to keep it simple and put my in Google Sheets), it’s also important to add little reminders to your actual calendar. When are you supposed to post your weekly blog? For example, I try to get mine out on Tuesdays and I have a little reminder pop up on my calendar on Tuesday mornings. Um, currently it’s Friday, but in the spirit of progress not perfection, it still reminded me that I had an unfinished item on my list of weekly marketing tasks. Blogging, sharing your knowledge of your industry, is an essential ingredient for SEO (search engine optimization). Consistency is key, hence the need to to find a way to ensure it gets done!

Even with these helpful tools in place I can still find myself slacking. Honestly I think it’s the dilemma we all face, self-promotion can feel false. I usually try to tie up my time working on tooting my clients’ horns. However, it’s important. This is why this marketing coach and consultant hired an accountability coach! Yes, even coaches have coaches. Each week we gather together to go over our action items for the week and offer each other feedback. It’s a brilliant reciprocation of positive energy and keeps me much more diligent. I like coming to our exchanges prepared.

Recently, I was engaged in a weekly Mastermind. I had never heard of one before! Essentially it’s a group of like-minded individuals (in this case creative entrepreneurs) who sit in the “hot seat” each week. We air our current challenge for about 2 minutes and then the group has 9 minutes to provide feedback. At the end of the session we all announce our weekly goals (usually formulated based upon the feedback from the group) so the moderator can capture them in a document. It’s a wonderful way to collaborate and offer helpful tips to one another. It also keeps us accountable. Before the Mastermind began each participant was requested to sign a commitment that promised we’d come to each meeting with our goals completed. I’ve seen so much forward momentum in such a small amount of time. I highly recommend a Mastermind group to any small business owner who wants to rev up their productivity.

How do you stay accountable? Do you use various applications on your phone? Set alarms? Calendar reminders? Any way you decide to create accountability is key. Many of my clients hire me solely for this reason. We meet brief each week to review last week’s marketing tasks and what goals we’re achieved. We then determine the actions we will take in the week ahead. It keeps the forward momentum going and it’s always fun to pause every so often to recognize our accomplishments brought about by consistent effort.

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