Business Planning in 2020?

The expression “The universe is laughing while we’re making plans” has never been more true. 2020 has been a roller coaster of a ride and no one has been more deeply affected than the small business owner. Even on a good day, we as entrepreneurs are doing our best to manage workflows, keep customers happy,

Creative Profile: Lindsay Geitz

While some businesses are forced to fold, we’ve been lucky enough to continue trudging the happy journey of creativity and fun. This is in part due to our loyal clients, which feel like family. This also has much to do with the never ending enthusiasm of our creative Art Director, Lindsay Geitz.

Social Distancing Survival Guide

When I first heard the term “social distancing” I actually got excited. A mandate to stay away from large crowds? This was an introvert’s dream come true! Fast forward ten days later and the mystique has quickly worn off. I {gulp} actually miss hanging with people in real time. If I’m feeling this way I

$444 – Numerology Working for YOU

So if you haven’t heard by now, I’m launching a NEW online course next week, Digital Marketing 101. Many of my clients know my passion for numerology, but those just getting to know me might be puzzled…or perhaps you didn’t think of it at all. I priced my course at $444 because of the number’s

Client Profile: Kay Allison of Farm & Oven

It’s been extremely rewarding to become friends with most of my amazing clients. Interestingly enough, Kay Allison of Farm&Oven was a friend first, client second. I entered into our business agreement with both excitement and slight apprehension. Could we carefully define where friendship ends and business begins? The answer is a resounding YES. We’ve been

2020 Dreaming and Planning

Updated: Dec 17, 2019 Annual planning is something I do with my clients each year in December or early January. It’s a way to review the year that just passed. What went right? What went wrong? How will I improve? After you’re done assessing what was, it’s time to look towards that bright, shiny future.