So if you haven’t heard by now, I’m launching a NEW online course next week, Digital Marketing 101. Many of my clients know my passion for numerology, but those just getting to know me might be puzzled…or perhaps you didn’t think of it at all. I priced my course at $444 because of the number’s powerful properties. The day I decided to infuse my business with my spiritual practices is the day everything shifted for me. I find the more we allow our authentic self to shine through, the more we resonate deeply with others.

When deciding how to price my course the feedback from outside sources was endless. Some suggested I charge thousands of dollars while others advised I keep it under a hundred. I decided to choose a sum that I know someone could make back easily by taking my course and implementing the skills and tips learned in class. An additional $444 will easily flow into your bank account after you’ve completed this course, and so much more. After all, abundance is your birthright. Fear is what keeps holding us back.

I landed upon $444 as the number’s meaning spoke to me. It is a number of protection and encouragement. It signifies that you are on the right path. I think that is so poignant. Anyone who is willing to take the time each week to devote several hours to this marketing course and to creating a wide community of fellow entrepreneurs is definitely on the right path! You’re putting your precious time and energy into something that will serve you for years, if not decades. Once you learn the cornerstones of digital marketing and start putting them into practice it’s unbelievable what starts to happen.

It’s also a number that encourages us to stop worrying and to start manifesting. It’s a sign of imminent financial luck. Take a moment to look at your keyboard. 444 is also $$$. I’m feeling the abundance already! 4 alone has a lot of power. It’s a foundational number that has immense positive energy. As we’re building our businesses together we could always benefit from a sturdy base that supports us on our journey.

Lastly, 444 is a number that enables us to transcend personal limitations. I figure this is an excellent way to attract the right students. If the course or the fee repels someone it’s just because they aren’t ready (or aren’t interested) and that’s ok. We do a lot of hard work in these twelve weeks together, but I guarantee that you’ll come out of it with renewed enthusiasm, knowledge and drive to attain your business goals.

I hope you’ll join us. For more information please go here.