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Once a fine jewelry designer, I wrote a monthly article for National Jeweler titled Designer’s Diary. While I may no longer have jewelry design aspirations, my 10 years as an entrepreneur now provides fodder for my new National Jeweler column, Designs on Marketing. As a Marketing Consultant and Coach, I do my best to empower my clients with the tools they need to execute a strategic and successful marketing plan. In this monthly column I share tips of the trade and helpful hints on how to increase your digital footprint.

– Jackie Stone

National Jeweler Designs on Marketing: Facebook Fundamentals

Facebook might not be “cool” anymore, but it’s still the world’s social media giant, 2.41 billion strong. In my column this month I review the best practices for being heard in this giant ocean of noise.

Make Yourself Heard

Designs on Marketing: Doin’ It For the ‘Gram

Looking to step up your Instagram game but not sure where to start? In my latest column I give you my ten favorite tips on how to help you stand out in a crowd, 111 million strong. Don’t just take my word for it. I recruited the help of Instagram mavens in the jewelry world to offer their expertise as well.

Game On!

Designs on Marketing: Let’s Talk About Relationships

Now that you’ve got your email marketing campaign on lock it’s time to find a tool to implement the strategy. Welcome to the world of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. I give the low-down on my favorite platforms in today’s column.

Educate Yourself

Designs on Marketing: You’ve Got… Engaging Emails?

Think social media is the most powerful digital marketing tool? Think again! The statistics don’t lie. Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your audience. Learn more about best practices in today’s column.

Get Informed!

Designs on Marketing: All About Those Analytics

A strategic marketing plan isn’t successful without the data to prove it. In this column I go over the basics of Google Analytics giving you the power to make informed decisions on how to move forward.

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Designs on Marketing: What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

Before you can build a strategic marketing plan you need to understand your sales goals. Finances can be intimidating, However, the first step to success is truly taking the emotion out of your finances.

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Designer’s Diary: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

An artist’s journey isn’t always easy. I made the tough decision to close the doors on my fine jewelry business in pursuit of another venture. Most entrepreneurs don’t talk about their failures. Learn why I open up about mine in my final column for Designer’s Diary.

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