Client Profile: Alexandra Alissandratou

Intelligence, tenacity and wit only seems to get better with age and my client, Alexandra Alissandratou, is testament to that credo. Over 70 years young, this ingenue is using her creative genius to forge new ground: the world of blogging. A retired literature professor with accolades a mile long, Alexandra decided to humble herself and

Wait… What Is Your Name?

I’ve struggled for quite some time to find a business name for my company. I’ve even had a hard time describing to others exactly what I do! Am I a Marketing Consultant? Sure! Am I an Accountability Coach? Absolutely. Am I a keen Digital Strategist looking for ways to breakthrough the noise on a strict

Setting Intentions

As mindfulness becomes mainstream you’ve probably heard about living an intentional life, but what about creating an intentional business? Part of incorporating the art of mindfulness into my life includes Daily Pages, morning meditations, affirmations and tarot card readings. While I never thought to pull these daily practices into my work-life, now I’m changing my

Rediscovering Purpose

What do you say when you’re at a party and someone asks you what you do? My answer? I usually proclaim that I’m an artist. That almost always leads to “Oh what’s your medium?” and my enthusiastic response, “Storytelling!” I wasn’t always a digital marketing wizard. Bubblegum and Duct Tape was founded 2 years ago

Learning by Example

You read that right. While some lead by example, apparently I learn and then teach as I go. In my previous blog, I talked about setting an intention for each month and building out your marketing calendar this way. Well, sad to say it’s August 26 and I don’t have much work to speak of