Getting Social…In Real Life

Most companies who approach me regarding digital marketing want to jump right into social media. It’s sexy, it’s fun and it’s the best way to reach your customers…or so they assume. Fun fact: email marketing is still the most effective tool we have in the digital marketing space. Why do you think J.Crew sends you

Time Spent Wisely

When you start to put together a strategic digital marketing plan how do you approach time management? Perhaps it’s something you haven’t contemplated at all. However, did you know it’s the key to success? The first two exercises I bring my clients through: 1) understanding your numbers and 2) time management. I jump into numbers

The Art of Letting Go

Interestingly enough I started this month with the intention of “Letting Go.” October is a time when the leaves are changing and the wise trees remind us that letting go is often an act of grace. I don’t know about you but I love to try to control situations or circumstances and I can be

Sunday Night Rituals

I don’t know about you, but Sundays are my favorite day of the week but also the one I can dread. It’s a day when you really aren’t expected to do much, except bask in the glow of self care, good food, deepened connections and relaxation. However, my Capricorn brain doesn’t necessarily shut off over

Client Profile: Michelle Sakhai

Michelle Sakhai began to express herself with a paintbrush the moment she was old enough to hold a brush. This classically trained plein-air painter turned abstract art enthusiast showers us all with the blessing of her talent and her intuitive nature. She truly understands art’s ability to heal and transform. When she isn’t busy in

Vote on Our New Logo!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019 Branding is at the heart of any powerful and recognizable company. It’s been long overdue that I created a vision statement, narrowed in on my target market and creating branding templates. I’ve seriously been the cobbler with no shoes! I’ve been so heavily focused on my clients’ success that I haven’t

The Skinny on Social Schedulers

Doing research on social media schedulers: who ever thought this would be my livelihood? It’s so fascinating where life takes you sometimes. Although it’s not always glamorous, creating quality content and doing it consistently is the key to a successful marketing plan. It helps with your search engine optimization, as you slowly, but steadily increase

Creating Accountability

I don’t know about you, but this artistic soul is an extreme procrastinator. Left without a deadline I can keep putting things off for months. It’s never done intentionally! Like most creatives I’m easily captivated by beauty, even when that shows up online. I can log on to my computer with the best intentions and